Skepticism Today is an hour long monthly skeptical podcast created by Dell Mitchell, Mark Honeychurch, Simon McAuliffe and Tim Atkin. We talk about recent news and events of interest to skeptics - both NZ based and international.

Regular podcast segments are:

  • News - items mostly, but not exclusively, from New Zealand
  • Pick your Horoscope - a quiz to figure out which horoscope matches which host
  • The Scientific Method - a primer on one aspect of the scientific method
  • Religion in 60 seconds - an overview of a religion, never as short as 60 seconds
  • Miss Media - a critical examination of bad science reporting in the media
  • Where the Hell - one news story, three possible countries. We try to figure out where the story came from
  • Kiwi Scientist - a short biography of a New Zealand scientist
  • Calendar - a mixture of science and woo events happening in New Zealand over the ensuing month
  • Dumb Quote - a really stupid thing that someone of interest to skeptics said recently

Additionally there will be Interviews as often as we can arrange them.

Our Latest Episode

11. The CUSP Today at the NZ Skeptics Conference 2015

30 November 2015


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